Our Manufacturing of Your Product

Electronic assemblies require an extensive range of knowledge and equipment. After the detailed review of the technical documentation, we start with material procurement. We produce small to medium batches (100,000 pieces per year). Our prototyping and after sales services are familiar with the respective development duties. We conduct PCB assembly with finishing and varnishing machines using agile processes.

EMS – Electronic Manufacturing
Services with Passion

Lean Value Creation

We manufacture our customers' assemblies on in-line SMT equipment. For assemblies with exceptional heat input demands, we utilize a dedicated vapor phase station. SMT, wired, or through-hole assemblies are finalized in our THT facility.

Our processes are familiar with the following tasks:

  • _ Ball Grid Array (BGA)
  • _ Chip Sizes 0201
  • _ Package on Package
  • _ Pin-in-Paste
  • _ Quad Flat No Leads Package (QFN)
  • _ Quat Flat Package (QFP)
  • _ Special Types of Connectors and Switches

ESD Program

The manufacturing and related areas are unconditional ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection areas (EPAs). Facilities, Equipment, and clothing are ESD compliant.

RoHS & REACH Compliance

We respect the environment. We use RoHS-compliant components. We process these as a downstream user in accordance with the REACH directive.

Prototyping & Individual Series

Nimble Product Launches

The cost of prototypes are relatively high due to smaller lot sizes. Our company’s size ensures that every project benefits from low overhead and quick implementation of decisions. Our customers value the ability to communicate directly with our technical experts. We prefer discussing solutions in person and in proximity to the actual fabrication. This alignment helps ensure the best outcome for your prototype.

Programming & Testing

Software Makes a Difference

Programming can take place before the assembly or by way of In-System-Programming (ISP). Together with clients we identify the most efficient implementation for your application.




Functional testing ensures that even complex electronics conform to the desired specifications. We take pride in developing and realizing programming and testing devices for your assembly. We create the test equipment ourselves, using our know-how in mastering electromechanical tasks.

PCBA Finishing

Robust Electronics for Harsh Environments

The finishing of PCBAs increases robustness under harsh environmental conditions. Coating and potting processes are available for this purpose. The importance of finishing at the end of the manufacturing process is taken into consideration from the beginning, in the design phase. We support you as a strong partner with our expertise.

MTL GmbH - Leiterplattenveredlung

After Sales Service

End-of-Life Solutions

Towards the end of a series, many products lose their commercial appeal. Small batches and PTNs increase the expenses associated with maintaining a product. New designs are often not commercial due to compatibility issues or increased costs. We are happy to take over manufacturing and extend the life of your product. We are experienced in improving missing or outdated manufacturing documents. Material procurement and assembly in small lot sizes is our core business.